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Licensed by the Delaware State Bank Commission to engage in business in this state.  Lic. # 011852.  See below for additional License and more information about our lending practice.

TJM of Delaware is your friendly loan Specialist.  By offering more flexible terms. we are able to help consumers get quick relief from much of the stress and anxiety that often accompanies a sudden financial crisis.

There is no penalty if the loan is paid off before the maturity date.  TJM will prorate the interest when a loan is paid off before the maturity date.

Installment loan Typical APR 358.0000% for a 12 month loan.

Title/Auto Equity Loan Typical APR 325.8928% for a 12 month loan.

TJM utilizes it's staff regarding collection practices.  No 3rd party for us.

For non-cooperative accounts, civil actions will be pursued through a Justice of the Peace Court in DE.  Debtor is responsible to pay all legal and attorney and any other fees associated with the civil action suit.  If a judgment is awarded, it will be reported on your Credit Report through J.P. Courts.

TJM Financial does not report to any major credit agencies.  However, defaulting on your loan will subject your credit worthiness with the company.

We do report to a consumer report service provided by Teletrac.

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TJM Financial Group

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